About Me

Computers have been in my blood for decades now, every since my mom brought home an “8 Meg” Hard Drive “MEGA” computer she purchased as part of her company “D&J Refund Reporter” which cost around $16,000 in 1983, of course that was the total price of the computer not just the hard drive.  I might add the hard drive was bigger than most desktops now-a-days. I started writing computer programs in Basic and to this day, I still remember much of the code.

I am the relative you call when you have computer related problems or are looking for that new gadget or when you are ready to smash your computer to bits.  lol.  I am sure every family has one or two people they call on.  To this day, I am still helping people, whether it is a local business being attacked by a virus or just my cousin calling up with the latest problem he is having. I have always been associated with repairing, script writing, virus removal, and just all around computer guy.

I hope my review has helped you make a decision on purchasing a new Sabrent Hard Drive Enclosure, it really is an exciting and easy to use piece of technology.  I personally use them myself.

Well, I better get back to work, take care,

John David

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